Saturday, February 7, 2009


I am very humbled to receive this award from my PONY COUSIN...Saddle Mountain Rider! She said too many kind things about me in her recent blog, I hope it wasn't her "Jack Daniels" talking again! Here is the award...just like a PONY COUSIN to dress sexy and shoot off her guns before she asks any questions! WE TAKE NO PRISONER'S!

THE PONY COUSIN "COWGIRLTHEFUCKUP" AWARD! Yes...(25 cents in the cuss jar!)

Ok...Saddle Mountain Rider did not put it quite that way...but she KNEW I would! When the PONY COUSINS were growing up...I was the baby of the group! ( well the baby of the PONY COUSINS) They were pretty hard on me. They made me ride the oldest, without saddles, jiggy horses you can imagine. Once when I was a baby they took me on a ride that gave me a BIG BLISTER on my tender little butt! Another time a cousin took me on a trail so steep that we had to unsaddle the horses and ride bareback cause the climb was too much for them. Then...I got in trouble with her from her DAD when we got back to camp with 2 wet, tired horses! Oh the stories I could tell you about my PONY COUSINS!

But then we grew up and all had family's of our own. We would see each other once a year at our weekend long family reunion camp out. 17 years ago...(yes 17) we decided to all get together for one weekend a year. We rotated "host cousins" and were known as "THE GOOD TIME COUSINS". Then one year I invited them all to come to the desert for our get together! Because I was cowgirl...I set up a ride for us all into the canyons in our backyard! We all had the "poison of our choose" added to LEMONADE in our horn bags. I had worked with SPANKY to select the proper (rental) horse for each cousin, The TOYBOY had made wonderful Horse D' ourves for us to be packed in Jesse's saddle bags. We had a wrangler to lead the ride and I rode drag with Jesse. Now...they all asked for a "nice" horse! Hee Hee...the stables has the following sign posted at the office;

We have HORSES for folks who have ridden a bit,

We have HORSES for folks who have ridden a lot,

And for those folks that have never ridden before...we have HORSES that have never been ridden before!!!

One cousin emails that she will need to be mounted...for her ride. I tell her no problem...I have plenty of cowboys here that would be HAPPY to mount her! One cousin is so worried about her "LEMONADE" that she neglects the warning of knees and palm trees...woops there goes another knee in the palm tree! I don't know if it was the "LEMONADE" , the desert air or the horses but one by one they have all been infected with the horse bug...and even passed it to their daughters!!! The PONY COUSINS now boast 13 ( give or take one for maternity leave) and one we are getting ready to induct??? Plus there are 3 "future" "PONY GIRLS" that have been in the saddle, a newborn and one on the way!!! Are we a lucky bunch or what!

I have absolutely no guilt for infecting the "GOOD TIME COUSINS" with the horse bug!!! It is the best gift I have ever given anyone and I am soooo happy to have given it to them, because I love them all dearly!

THE PONY COUSINS...minus the one's taking the pictures...or passed out! 2008

Look to the left of the blog to meet the PONY COUSINS!

Your Desert Rose!


  1. What a sexy group of cowgirls! Always know how to have a good time. Can't wait for our next get together. Hugs!

  2. Oh! Congradulations on your "Cowgirl th f@*kup award! Well deserved!

  3. Hi there, thanks for stopping by my blog and congratulations on your new CTFU award! Looks like a great group of women! I love how you told your story on profile. These darn horses just work there way into our hearts don't they! Especially the babies!

  4. Congratulations on that great award! I love it! And you deserve it!


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