Monday, February 2, 2009

Two Little Kitten's

Now that The Desert Rose is blogging she spends more time on the computer and in her chair in the "family" office. This office is a fairly new addtion to our desert home and still in the "decorating" process. This has not been an easy task because the "office" really is my loving husband's...but I have "moved" in on him in one corner. However the room was built for his use and he has 51% vote on what stays and doesn't. We have so far agreed on his desk, chair, TV stand, lamps, clock, book case, loveseat sofa bed, my recliner and the GRAND BABY PHOTO bullitin board ( he used to print them off on copy paper and tape them above his desk that was in our bedroom!) One of the newest additions to the room is THE KITTEN BED! Our kittens are 18 and 13 years old now but everything in our house usually revolves around them. Their bed times, their medicine, their "menu" anything and everything that they need. And they love to be with here are some pictures of them sitting in the bed next to mom while she "BLOGS" each night!
Oliver just celebrated his 18th birthday January 15th! He has been radiated for his thyroid, has a heart problem and had radiation for a brain tumor 2 years ago. Oliver loves his mom and he is her little boy! Every day that Oliver is here with a gift~

Suzy Q is a "Daddy's Girl"! She loves to be on our bed next to dad...always seems to want him to take a NAP with her! She does like me too, but I am the one that pokes a thyroid pill down her every night so anytime after 8pm she won't come near me. We have to trick her to go to bed each night. She sreams and hollers the whole way into the "cat bedroom"!

I love having a kitten curled up next to me either on the bed with me or in the bed on the floor next to me! Who curls up with you???

Your Desert Rose!


  1. I have a favorite kitty that I like to curl up with. Even though I have 5 kitty's, one is better at curling than the others! Domino likes to take naps with me and he also curls up while I sleep at night and he curls up so nicely that you don't even know he is there most the time! Sometimes I wake up with 4 surrounding my body and I can't move which I don't like. I am claustrophobic and I hate that feeling.

  2. I have an 85 lb. rottweiler that doesn't so much curl up as she does sprawl out next to me!
    Your kitties are beautiful. What a nice life they have with you!

  3. My little Lily bug has a ritual she goes thru everynight.She comes on the bed and I have to lift up the covers and she does acouple of circles then lays down. BUT..she has to have an arm around her, the she starts purrrrrring!If she gets up in the middle of the night,she always lets me know she is back by pawing me. With her claws out! She will stay in bed with me until I get up and when I am sick and in bed she will stay with me all day! Now that is LOVE!
    And love her, I DO!

  4. tony and i have one australian shepherd and one black lab and one cat....they all like to curl up with us at night....most times if i'm fortunate i get a little itty bitty piece of sheet and blanket and a corner of pillow to call my own..! i love my critters and wouldn't have it any other!


We wish you Happy Trails
Jesse and his Desert Rose!