Saturday, February 14, 2009


I have really tried to keep my blog full of fun and on an upbeat note because my life in general is pretty good. Oh sure...there are some hills and valleys and even some of those steep drop off cliffs that just come with life in general no matter who you are or what you do. I do however have one issue ( don't we all) that pretty much can always be at the core of my behavior.


There I've said it out you all know my dirty little secret. My OLDER Sissy's are mirror twins. That means identical but one is left handed and one is right handed and there are other small ways that even though they look exactly like one can see some difference if you REALLY study them. I have put together a look into their lives as "The Twins"...because no one could tell them apart they were always called, TWIN.

Imagine my mother's and father's surprise when they were told that there were 2 babies due...this was back when if you had twins it was the natural way. Now of course you can order up to 8 at a time!
My mother certainly had her hands full!

OMG...Look at the Twins! If I had a dollar for every time I heard this, I could bail out the banks!

Two of our "older" cousins each claimed stake to one of the twins as "their twin" and would take "their twin" every time... as they pretended the twins were baby dolls. To this day one will say..."She's my twin"!

My mother took advantage of the many "photo opps" available!Of course back then "airbrush" touch ups were not available!

They had to share the pony... :(

But my parents could afford 2 hats!

Yup...they were 30 before my mom stopped dressing them a like!

They were always together when growing up!
Across town there was another set of twins born around the same time as they were.

Such handsome little twins...could it be possible? Were they meant to be together???

However the Sissy twins were too young for such idea's and instead played with their toys and pets...yes you guessed it, always twins!

As the Sissy's twins became older my mother eased up on the "dress code" and allowed them to wear different colors of the SAME dress!

But look what was happening across town...oo la la!

The Sissy twins can even sing and are often seen singing for family and friends!

The Sissy twins audition for the DOUBLEMENT GUM commercials.

They even do some "modeling" for the ladies appearal store our mother worked at!

And then they get the ice cream gig!

The Sissy twins are now in big demand and appear in several advertisements.

And across town...fame and fortune also came knocking!

These twins even went to HOLLYWOOD!

But even these twins TWIN red wheels could not turn the Sissy's twins eyes from these guys.

Happily married to the twins...they are now known as "THE TWIN TWINS!

The Sissy twins continued to spend time together through out the years although at times changed their hair color...but still choose to dress alike.

Sure, they don't always get along but then... just agree to disagree!

Recently they had their portraits taken as did their twin husbands. Below are the TWIN TWINS today!

So you have my side of the "TWIN STORY" Sissy twins, who I miss and love dearly must certainly have their own story that I hope they will tell someday. I will leave you with my favorite "photo opp" picture of "my Sissy twins" and me riding in the desert. And yes...we are dressed like TRIPLETS!

And yes...I do believe they will retaliate!

Your Desert Rose NOT THE TWIN!


  1. That is great! I love it! A great tribute! Hey, I left you a message back at the Ranch on branding! Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I remember when I was little I could not tell which one was my mom. I had the hardest time with that. Now I can tell, usually, as long as I look at them from the front or if they talk.
    The wonderful world of twins!

  3. Hay miss sassy pants! Very clever!!! It is not fair that your list of assets include beauty,wealth,brains, and now talent! Yes, You said it,"I will RETALIATE!" Love you baby sister.

  4. Haha! This is too funny! In our family, my oldest cousin had the first babies, two boys. Then I had the first girl. And now my other cousin is having TWINS! She just HAD to one-up me! I'm really hoping it's a boy and girl so I can tell them apart!


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Jesse and his Desert Rose!