Friday, February 20, 2009

The Desert Rose Hat Boxes!

Pony Girl has been trying to get a peek into my closet again...she knows that it is full of bling, a lot of which I am only to happy to clear out when the "nieces" come to visit, so I can buy "new bling" to replace what they haven taken from it! The problem for them is...I am "bigger than them! So for the most part it's purses...and a few shawls and tops that fit them!!! Alas...I can not get skinny again just for them!
I am going to show some new NFR purchases from this year that Pony Girl has not seen...she likes to see the new stuff...just in case it is "for steal"! ( I would bet that Pony Girl's head is getting as big as mine these days so maybe the hats in the boxes would fit her!)

The Origional Desert Rose Hat Box! Once I found out the artist would personalize them...I was sold!!! This desert scene will remind me of all my beautiful rides here when I am back in the PNW!

1st close up! Jesse and I will have to study this when we start to practice our "roping skills" for the PONY COUSIN STAMPEDE this summer!

2nd close up! Jesse already knows how to do this...he bucked me off once when he was a 2 year old!!!

3rd close up! Although Jesse knows several tricks, this is not one I will teach him!!!

1st cowboy...with the cow this time!

The Desert Rose Cutting Hat Box! Jesse and The Desert Rose's favorite Rodeo game!!!

Barrel Racer Close Up!

The back and sides of the Barrel Racer!

The "closet" home of the Desert Rose Hat Boxes!!!

Check out this website for your own new hatbox!

Your Desert Rose!!!


  1. Wow! Those hat boxes are so fun and so you! You always find and get to buy all the good stuff!love sissi

  2. When we outlive our menfolk, you and I should set up house together. We'd have a GREAT place!!

  3. I might beat Pony Girl to those!!!

  4. I love those! Especially the second one, I love the red. Okay stupid question, I'm assuming you actually put your hats in there? Or do you just store your purses and jewelry? ;)

  5. These are unbelievable! That's a dandy artist friend you have there! I can see why Pong Girl wants to come steal away in your closet...I would too!

    To answer your question, we're not sure exactly if we have a Carin or Norfolk terrier. The breeder told us he was a Carin but he's the cutest one I've ever seen....most of them don't look like he does!? Who knows!

  6. We must have been bloggin at the same time on each others blog! Thanks for the compliment! I do miss painting but it's really hard work getting up and down on the ladder a million times and as the houses get larger....the ceilings soar higher! lol! Ole girl ain't what she used to be!


We wish you Happy Trails
Jesse and his Desert Rose!