Monday, February 9, 2009

Missing in the Desert!

Every year about this time our desert home is invaded by "my nieces"! For the last 3 years during Presidents day week they come to sit in the sun, ride horses, shop, and spend some quality time with The Desert Rose and her Loving Husband. The 1st year we only had one niece down, the next year 3, the 3rd year was 4! My daughter The Rosebud was included in the 2nd and 3rd years of the annual trip. However sadly...the nieces will not be down to the desert this year. So instead I will send a few pictures of last years visit!

They are welcomed to the desert by The Desert Rose and The Rosebud wearing authentic cowgirl gear! ( yes... a few people did stare!)

There is lots of cousin bonding going on along with the fine food...and DRINK!
They even dressed up for lunch at the club with my Loving Husband!

Then they "cowgirledthefuckup" (25 cents in the cuss jar) and go for some rides!
This Cousin is ready to ride him hard and put him away wet... AND I DON"T MEAN THE HORSE!
This Cousin tried to pack this Tennessee walker in her suitcase to take home with her!

This Cousin is not sure what she's gotten herself into!

This cousin is enjoying herself...the daddy has the 2 babies at home and she is a free cowgirl!

Photo opp with THE COWPOKE!

All Dressed warm for the "cowgirlthefuckup" (25 cents in the cuss jar!) night ride with THE COWPOKE!

Do you think they are missing the Desert trip NOW??? YOU BET YOUR SWEET ARCE THEY ARE!

The Desert Rose Auntie!


  1. The desert, the pool, rides without muck boots, fun times with fabulous family.... these all sound very appealing right about now as I look out my window on a cold wet snowy night! ;) You don't know how lucky you are to live your "snowbird" life, AJ! I could do w/a few months of sunshine in the dead of winter! :) (And I'm crying right now because I really want to go.......)

  2. Oh! I am so sad that I can't come this year. I couldn't get the same time off as my sis and I really need to save money for our trip this summer, especially with the way things are going with the economy. I just can't afford it. I love the pix and brings back wonderful memories!
    Here's to next year!

  3. Hi Desert rose aunti, Thanks for your comments. I am excited to be a part of the family. I have a new post and would love your thoughts on it. christa Lynn

  4. I know you Cuzettes miss your winter trip to the Desert. Pony Girl, today i went outside in short sleeves to fill the ponies' water tanks. I wore short sleeves and crocs. The sky was blue; the sun was warm; and this was just across the mtns from you!
    But, i know that it is more than the warm weather you miss. Last year's trip is something you will always remember, right? That's the magic of the Desert Rose!

  5. Hi Desert Rose, thanks for stopping by! It's too bad the nieces could not travel to visit this year! Schedules and work always try to get in the way of riding no matter the distance between! It is supposed to be 60 here today, it was zero just last week....Indiana weather....who can figure! This is a teaser for sure! I'm riding! A bit sore in my shoulders but not my lower half so cowgirlup! Have a great day! You're so lucky to live in warm weather....I lived in Phoenix, AZ when I was 19....many moons ago!LOL! Great photos!

  6. Great pics! Nothing better than a bunch of cowgirls getting together!
    Desert Rose - I'm in Tucson, I'll be your cousin and come ride with ya!

  7. Thank you Sissy for being the best Auntie to you your nieces. You always make everyone feel special and loved when spending time with you. Fun to see the pictures. I am wanting to get alittle of that Vit C myself!

  8. heart of a cowgirl...that would be soooo fun! maybe we will get to do that sometime!

  9. Oh, how I will miss the desert and my auntie and uncle this year. Oh, yes, and the cowpoke, the lemonade, Jesse P, the swimming pool, the shopping and suitcase thief, the sunshine, trail rides with a full moon, cowboy movies and my pony cousins! Our Auntie J sure is the ultimate hostess with the mostess!!


We wish you Happy Trails
Jesse and his Desert Rose!