Sunday, February 22, 2009

Jesse's Right on TARGET!

As many of you know I am a "big sucker" for a new trail. I will go just about anywhere to experience the thrill of a new trail! So imagine my surprise a few a few weeks ago when The Doc and The Boy found a new trail for us to explore on the street right behind my favorite desert TARGET! This shopping center also houses "my" TJMAx, Marshals and nail salon! The road right behind the shopping center has several trail heads that we have never ridden before. Here is our 1st TARGET RIDE exploration in pictures!

As we ascend the trail Target is to our left! My trailer is parked below that you see behind the shopping center.
Jesse loves to follow Wanda "the mulette"!

Sweet Pea and THE BOY ride drag! (Not in DRAG!)

The trail climbs up ahead.

The "view" looking down from the saddle!

Our lunch stop for the day was at this wonderful little rest stop. Lots of shade for us and the horses, the only thing missing were the tie trails and a restroom!
Jesse chooses to nap in the shade of "his" tree!

Wanda tries not to cat nap!

Sweet Pea...seems wide awake!

"The End of the Target Trail!"

The Desert Rose!


  1. I can't believe you didn't just park your pony and mosey on into TJ Maxx! Do you have Steinmart? My fave.

  2. Yes...we have a Steinmart in a diiferent part of front of another trail I ride! Guess I should try to combine my shopping and riding! It's bad enough when I stop in to get my Starbucks...the looks I get! One person loved my outfit, she didn't understand I was REALLY going riding!

  3. That looks fun!! I love Target and riding....what a perfect combination! ;)
    P.S. what are the gear the mules are wearing (behind the saddle?)

  4. PG
    the mule butt has on a "britchen"! Mules have no withers and a saddle will not stay put on them. Britchens keep the saddle in place! However...THE BOY AND THE DOC.... you still have my my whole punch to get those britchen's to fit right!!!!
    Sissy CGJL,
    This is a "bunny tow" have done much worse than this down here!


We wish you Happy Trails
Jesse and his Desert Rose!