Thursday, February 26, 2009

" Quit Monkey Horseing Around"

I know you have all heard the expression..."quit monkeying around!"! Well on our last ride... Cuz Bronco Betsy and I were having problems with "our kids!". We had already re-tied them shorter so they could not reach each other but they both pulled and pulled till they could ...again! You know how when you go to the zoo the monkeys are picking lice off each other??? Well here are pictures of " Cuz BB's and my kids" before our last ride! When Jesse was 3...this "Little Lady"entered his world, I believe for his and her lifetime! He was just a "baby" himself" when he was asked to "pony" her out on rides. Being the younger "sister"... it was one of those moments we all remember...She's touching me...He bit me....She looked at me!!! I don't have the "baby pictures" of them doing this but let's just assume you all get the picture.No...he touched me FIRST!!!

I really dooooo love him! Look teeth!!!

"Maybe my front teeth only"!
" Me too... no teeth!"

" See how much we LOVE each other???

"We're just picking LICE off each other!!!"

Your Desert Rose!


  1. Good Morning,
    Cute post and oh yes I do remember those days of old with the bickering back and forth between siblings! I do miss them, though I wouldn't have said that back then! LOL! Hope your week shapes up!
    Have a good day!

  2. Yea right, like THOSE horses have lice! ;) Two of the most cared-for horses I know, LOL!
    They are so you think that someday, Little Lady will "officially" be adopted?

  3. Look at the lovebirds! Aren't they cute!


We wish you Happy Trails
Jesse and his Desert Rose!