Friday, February 27, 2009

Cowgril Pottery!

I have now been to The National Finals Rodeo 3 years in a row. This year I invited my daughter The Rosebud to join me for the weekend. What a blast we had and some day later I will tell of it. I saw this wonderful pottery 2 years running...only I had no place to put it. Then I made a decorating decision last year, that I was going to add turquoise to my home here in the desert as an accent color. My fist "piece" was a Pendleton turquoise striped saddle blanket, given to me from "the Rosebud and Toby Jack"... that I laid over my ottoman. Until Jesse made such a fuss for me to bring his blanket to the stables. But now I know... I had a place for this beautiful pottery if only ...they were still in business. Then Just around the corner there they were.! So the Rosebud and I select 3 pieces that work for our desert home!

The Tray!

The Vase!

The Bowl!

The Tripple Crown!

Pick your own treasure form this website!

Your Desert Rose!


  1. Those are REALLY groovy! :) I love the color and design. It's very natural. I especially love the bowl.
    I'm jealous of your many trips to the NFR!

  2. I love the pieces and my dream is to go to the NFR! I guess I can just keep dreamin'!

  3. Awesome pieces! I'll go shopping! Thanks for sharing these! I always like to see decor in different parts of the country and we have nothing like this here! Color choices are nice! Show us your house/room when you get it done! Luanne

  4. Beautiful! Those pieces would look great in my little adobe house :) Off to check out the website... thanks for sharing!

  5. That is stunning! I especially like the big bowl. Alas, I need no more "stuff".

  6. I have a platter on my coffee table very similar. Love it!! Going to the website also!!
    You have great taste.

  7. Something for you at Life on the Farm!

  8. O.K. you and your tank top....that's enough! lol! I would love being able to ride in the desert sweatin hot right about now! I'm a warm weather person all the way....but I live here with an ice fishing man! What we do for love. I lived in Phoenix for a while when I was nineteen....many moons ago! I wouldn't want to be you in July & August! We have two extremes here don't we? Have fun riding with your sweaty armpits!lol! Seriously have fun.....any day in the saddle is a good one!


We wish you Happy Trails
Jesse and his Desert Rose!