Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Toby Jack's 1st Trail Ride!

Toby Jack has been riding with Zsa Zsa since he was one year old and big enough for us to find a helmet to fit him. He has gone through stages of absolutely no fear to the next time we are with Jesse, he won't even pet him. However at 2...turning 3 next month he now seems settled into being at the stables and loves all the activity of grooming, feeding, playing and riding. Today was a scheduled trail ride with The Bossman and Tristan. This would be Toby's 1st ride out on the trail and I was not sure how it would go over with him. Toby's Papa came to see us off on the ride. We used one of the Bossman's saddles so there would be room in it for both of us! Even so I had to sit way back so Toby would fit properly in front of me.

Toby picked out the shirt I am wearing I would match him!

Ready to head out and blaze new trails with Toby!

Slick, Corky and his "mini me"!

The trial ride starts out great...however Toby does not want to go down the dike into the wash but Zsa Zsa distracts him and down we go. The weather is great, not hot at all. I have water for me and Toby's juice in my pommel bag but we never need to use it. We make a big circle in the "wash" and start looking for wild bunny's that are always hopping from bush to bush. We also see doves and grouse and a little lizard! Now we come to the "PHOTO OPP" of Toby's 1st trail ride!

Toby takes his job as "navagater" very seriously! ( definition of who aggravates as they navigate) Other than asking for his sun glasses that he did NOT want to take and 2 times asked to go back Toby did very well for his 45 minute trail ride! I think we have passed a big hurdle and he will be ready to go again soon!

The Desert Rose and Toby!


  1. How fun! Looking foward to this myself one of these days. He is so adorable.

  2. That little guy looks like a natural, but I can see a bit of fear in his eyes, I'm sure he'll get over it. Maybe he needs to spend a couple months with Zsa Zsa so he's available to ride every day!

  3. SO cute! He's a brave boy! I was probably more scared than him to ride in the wash for the first time...and I wasn't even wearing a helmet!

  4. It's a darn good thing that you have an awesome trail horse to use for Toby's ride. Isnt it nice to know that you can count on your boy?


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Jesse and his Desert Rose!