Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Jesse Works for his Keep!

Even though The Desert Rose is semi retired... if you can call being a Zsa Zsa to 8 existing grandchildren and 2 on the way being retired ( these girls can't tell PNW time from DESERT time...) she still works hard! However not too long ago...I came upon Jesse and The BOSSMAN...and Jesse was working! At first glance you would not know that my "Little Boy" could do this kind of manual labor, but he can! Jesse has been poning other horses since he was 3 years old! He started poning ""Little Lady" when she was just a yearling! That's why he thinks he is the boss of her! Here is Jesse...hard at work!

Jesse is not sure about dragging this big guy behind him...

Ok...that's a better angle MOM! Now I look like I'm in charge! This HUGE Thoroughbred and Jesse take a ride with The BOSSMAN...who is really in charge! However...The BOSSMAN just divulged to me that Jesse is a better "Ponier" than a "Poniee"! He always wants to be in the he runs ahead! Guess this is just in his blood!

Do your horses work for their keep???

The Desert Rose!


  1. But really, who's fault is that?? Not theirs!

  2. That takes a lot of skill to be a good ponier. Not every horse can do that. Jesse would be great starting colts.

  3. I think Jessie is good at about everything that he does!

  4. I think my Dusty needs to work more for his keep!

  5. Okie works very hard for his keep. I'm just not sure what his work is ... but he works hard.

  6. I have always wanted to try ponying! Have never done it with mine or any others! We run into alot of people on the trail that do though.

  7. That is a great thing for Jesse to have on his resume! Maybe he can get a job at the track? ;)
    What kind of personality does a pony horse have to have? Is it better if they are dominant? I wonder how a submissive horse would be able to pony a horse more dominant than it? (For example Paint Girl, could Brandy pony Fritzy, or would that not work because Fritz is such a lead mare?)

  8. Jane I love all the pics of Jesse and Mom. It makes me so excited for Cle Elem. I've been steeling all of moms western magazines while she's been gone. FUN STUFF!!!!
    Love you


We wish you Happy Trails
Jesse and his Desert Rose!