Saturday, February 14, 2009


A few days back my peaceful little life as a cowgirl was altered by the deployment to the desert of a PONY COUSIN! Those of you who know the PONY COUSINS know that all hell breaks loose when a PONY COUSIN comes to town! I can get into a lot of trouble being a cowgirl all by myself and the trouble only doubles when you get 2 or more of us together in the same town. Bronco Betsy...does not own a pony of her own yet, hence her Indian name, "She Who Rides Many Ponies" but she has been taking lessons since the last PONY COUSIN STAMPEDE weekend. She is doing terrific with her lessons even though she had a "parting of ways" with the saddle one time. Bronco Betsy "cowgirledthefuckup" (25 cents in the cuss jar) and got back in the saddle after her 2 week recovery.

We have had 2 uneventful rides so far...and I forgot my camera on the trailer step for the first one so here are the pictures of our second ride! Bronco Betsy asked to do the "bunny slope trails" till she got her MOUNTAIN HOOVES under her. This trail is the one that has the "armed and dangerous palm tree" on it but Bronco Betsy was well advised and did not encounter any random attacks.

Bronco Betsy and Jesse ready for the trail!

The desert wash leading to the trail.

Bronco Betsy and Jesse maneuver the trail.

Jesse sneaks a bite in before our lunch stop and Bronco Betsy soon wises up to his tactics and I occasionally hear her scold him for trying to snack!

As we climb the "bunny slope trail "this is the view to our right, see the trail? None of you have ridden this trail...yet. We will see how Bronco Betsy's nerves are holding up and may give it a whirl while she's here!

Bronco Betsy and Jesse at the top of the "bunny slope trail"!

Rock formation on the trail.

Little Lady looks towards "greener pastures"!

Bronco Betsy and Jesse's "PHOTO OPP OF THE DAY!"

Of course we packed the usual lunch's and had "LEMONADE" and carrots and apples for the horses for our lunch stop. Jesse was a doll for his cousin even when Little Lady decided to be "SASSY"! She just does not like that shady treed canyon and this is the 2nd time I had her be a "mare" in this canyon. This time we got some crow hopping and some little bucks with kicks. Jesse and Bronco Betsy wisely chose to give her space and Jesse just shook his head at her "temper tantrum". I have done it the nice way...calming her, patting her and riding through it with her but I guess I need to take her "dad's" advise and remind her that Auntie Desert Rose does have spurs and even though I don't want to hurt her...I WILL! She did take notice of the reins that I gently laid across her hind end once which shows she understood what that might mean. She is a great little mare but at 5 years old now has the hormones of a teenage girl! Ye haw... let her buck, so she thinks. I think that her "dad" and I should take her up in that canyon for a whole day just riding up and down it and see how she likes them apples for her lunch!

I do have to tell you all how proud I am of my PONY COUSIN! She helps hook up the trailer, grooms and saddles her own horse, scoops poop, picks hooves, loads and unloads the horses, takes off and puts back on the blankets, and has not once complained about her sore ass...unless I ask! The Bossman has a date to ride with us next week...let's see how she does after a day in the saddle with him!

Your Desert Rose and Bronco Betsy!


  1. I wanna come and ride with you!!! Your trails look so great and it looks warm there! It's still cold here in Ohio and so muddy and slick that I don't want to take a chance on riding steep trails. :-(

  2. I so wanna be there! Way to cowgirl up, Cuz B! I knew you could do it.

  3. OH, I'm so jealous. I would be there riding with you tomorrow if the trip was still on. It's so great to hear how well Betsy is doing, she's a real cowgirl!
    Also, I can't believe how different Jesse looks w/out his body clip! He is actually coppery, instead of that darker dappled liver chestnut color. I have never seen him this way!

  4. I am so glad that Cuz B is down there riding! She must me having so much fun and as PG says we would have left today to go down there if we were doing the trip still :(
    Looks like lovely weather down there.

  5. WOW! And less than a year ago she wouldn't even go in a stall with a horse, let alone get in a horse trailer with them! Looks like we've made a good impact on another one!

  6. Way to go, Bronco Betsy! You have truly earned your cowgirl name. Wish I could be there with you ~ the riding in P.S. is quite the adventure!


We wish you Happy Trails
Jesse and his Desert Rose!