Monday, February 23, 2009


I know you have all been so jealous that I finally have a PONY COUSIN of my own visiting in the desert for me to play with....I mean "horse around with! I must say that I have been like a kid with a new toy! Yes...I love my new toy, and I am having so much fun dressing her up, pretending she is an action figure, bossing her around, showing her off, sharing her with others, (Spanky hugged her hello!) and yes...leading her to the edge of our steep drop of desert trails!
Here I posed her at my favorite mountain top "photo opp" !


I told Jesse to strike his famous pose but try not to steal all the attention away from her!!! But alas... he did not try hard enough, so we did not give him the chance to showboat the next time!

Here I Posed her on the trail! Great Job B!

Look for more posts soon as we see if... she will earn her spurs!

Your Desert Rose and her PONY COUSIN TOY!


  1. Oh, I'm jealous!!! I don't have any cousins, sisters, brothers or anyone in my family that even likes horses but me and they all think I'm crazy! It's lonely with no horsey people in the family.
    Your place to ride is breathtakingly gorgeous!! Can't wait for more pictures or your rides.

  2. Yes, you're right, I'm envious of your beautiful surroundings that you have to ride on and that you have someone to ride with that enjoys horses as much as you do! I only have one friend that likes to ride and she lives on the other side of town at another barn! You're so fortunate....then I have the other (non-horsey) friends who think I'm completely loco for having them at all....we have 82 lakes in our county alone and everyone else has a boat or lives on one of the lakes! Not us, we choose our four legged friends over a boat any day! Luanne

  3. Hahahahaha! That first picture looks FAKE! Like one of those cheesy backdrops you get to select at Sears when you do pictures there. I guess now we know where those cheesy backdrops get their inspiration!

  4. Bronco Betsy looks like a natural in that saddle.How long until she decides to take the plunge and buy her own pony?

  5. If I didn't love pony cousin Betsy so much I might say, No fair, that, B**** Betsy is having all the fun!" It's good to see she is wearing a helmet ~ is that her own personal helmet?

  6. Horse Dreams, my my aren't we a bit catty about Bronco's visit??? Yes, it is her own helmet. Remember after her departure from the saddle and she hit her head... she became our "SPECIAL COUSIN" and we all are trying to be kinder to her!


We wish you Happy Trails
Jesse and his Desert Rose!