Friday, February 27, 2009

Cowgril Pottery!

I have now been to The National Finals Rodeo 3 years in a row. This year I invited my daughter The Rosebud to join me for the weekend. What a blast we had and some day later I will tell of it. I saw this wonderful pottery 2 years running...only I had no place to put it. Then I made a decorating decision last year, that I was going to add turquoise to my home here in the desert as an accent color. My fist "piece" was a Pendleton turquoise striped saddle blanket, given to me from "the Rosebud and Toby Jack"... that I laid over my ottoman. Until Jesse made such a fuss for me to bring his blanket to the stables. But now I know... I had a place for this beautiful pottery if only ...they were still in business. Then Just around the corner there they were.! So the Rosebud and I select 3 pieces that work for our desert home!

The Tray!

The Vase!

The Bowl!

The Tripple Crown!

Pick your own treasure form this website!

Your Desert Rose!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

" Quit Monkey Horseing Around"

I know you have all heard the expression..."quit monkeying around!"! Well on our last ride... Cuz Bronco Betsy and I were having problems with "our kids!". We had already re-tied them shorter so they could not reach each other but they both pulled and pulled till they could ...again! You know how when you go to the zoo the monkeys are picking lice off each other??? Well here are pictures of " Cuz BB's and my kids" before our last ride! When Jesse was 3...this "Little Lady"entered his world, I believe for his and her lifetime! He was just a "baby" himself" when he was asked to "pony" her out on rides. Being the younger "sister"... it was one of those moments we all remember...She's touching me...He bit me....She looked at me!!! I don't have the "baby pictures" of them doing this but let's just assume you all get the picture.No...he touched me FIRST!!!

I really dooooo love him! Look teeth!!!

"Maybe my front teeth only"!
" Me too... no teeth!"

" See how much we LOVE each other???

"We're just picking LICE off each other!!!"

Your Desert Rose!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Cowgirl Note Cards!

I want to share a holiday gift I received from a close friend this year!!! I had sent her... over this last summer, e-mails with pictures of some of my tack that had been photographed last desert season. She then had "Note Cards" made for me with these pictures! What a great gift...I love them.

Aren't they GREAT!!!

Your Desert Rose!

Monday, February 23, 2009


I know you have all been so jealous that I finally have a PONY COUSIN of my own visiting in the desert for me to play with....I mean "horse around with! I must say that I have been like a kid with a new toy! Yes...I love my new toy, and I am having so much fun dressing her up, pretending she is an action figure, bossing her around, showing her off, sharing her with others, (Spanky hugged her hello!) and yes...leading her to the edge of our steep drop of desert trails!
Here I posed her at my favorite mountain top "photo opp" !


I told Jesse to strike his famous pose but try not to steal all the attention away from her!!! But alas... he did not try hard enough, so we did not give him the chance to showboat the next time!

Here I Posed her on the trail! Great Job B!

Look for more posts soon as we see if... she will earn her spurs!

Your Desert Rose and her PONY COUSIN TOY!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Jesse's Right on TARGET!

As many of you know I am a "big sucker" for a new trail. I will go just about anywhere to experience the thrill of a new trail! So imagine my surprise a few a few weeks ago when The Doc and The Boy found a new trail for us to explore on the street right behind my favorite desert TARGET! This shopping center also houses "my" TJMAx, Marshals and nail salon! The road right behind the shopping center has several trail heads that we have never ridden before. Here is our 1st TARGET RIDE exploration in pictures!

As we ascend the trail Target is to our left! My trailer is parked below that you see behind the shopping center.
Jesse loves to follow Wanda "the mulette"!

Sweet Pea and THE BOY ride drag! (Not in DRAG!)

The trail climbs up ahead.

The "view" looking down from the saddle!

Our lunch stop for the day was at this wonderful little rest stop. Lots of shade for us and the horses, the only thing missing were the tie trails and a restroom!
Jesse chooses to nap in the shade of "his" tree!

Wanda tries not to cat nap!

Sweet Pea...seems wide awake!

"The End of the Target Trail!"

The Desert Rose!

Friday, February 20, 2009

The Desert Rose Hat Boxes!

Pony Girl has been trying to get a peek into my closet again...she knows that it is full of bling, a lot of which I am only to happy to clear out when the "nieces" come to visit, so I can buy "new bling" to replace what they haven taken from it! The problem for them is...I am "bigger than them! So for the most part it's purses...and a few shawls and tops that fit them!!! Alas...I can not get skinny again just for them!
I am going to show some new NFR purchases from this year that Pony Girl has not seen...she likes to see the new stuff...just in case it is "for steal"! ( I would bet that Pony Girl's head is getting as big as mine these days so maybe the hats in the boxes would fit her!)

The Origional Desert Rose Hat Box! Once I found out the artist would personalize them...I was sold!!! This desert scene will remind me of all my beautiful rides here when I am back in the PNW!

1st close up! Jesse and I will have to study this when we start to practice our "roping skills" for the PONY COUSIN STAMPEDE this summer!

2nd close up! Jesse already knows how to do this...he bucked me off once when he was a 2 year old!!!

3rd close up! Although Jesse knows several tricks, this is not one I will teach him!!!

1st cowboy...with the cow this time!

The Desert Rose Cutting Hat Box! Jesse and The Desert Rose's favorite Rodeo game!!!

Barrel Racer Close Up!

The back and sides of the Barrel Racer!

The "closet" home of the Desert Rose Hat Boxes!!!

Check out this website for your own new hatbox!

Your Desert Rose!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Jesse's Day with THE DOC!

I don't know if I mentioned that this season in the desert besides Jesse's owey toes and quarter carck issues we have also noticed that it is taking him much longer to recover from climbing or trotting and loping. There were several possible reasons for this that The Bossman and I kept tossing back and forth as why he was having trouble.

1. Our PNW trainer broke her leg and has been out since the 1st week in August. Instead of his usual 5 days a week of being ridden he was only getting our 2 rides a week the 3 months before he came to the desert. Thus he came down to the desert not as legged up as he normally is.
2. Because of his 3 separate weeks off with his owey toes...we had to start all over each time we started getting him legged up.

3. Jesse is usually body clipped within a week or 2 of us getting to the desert. This year the lady that does it has had a hard time getting to it...then it got too cold down here to do it. It has been rescheduled to be done but has not happened as of yet. His hair is thick and curly like a cows and maybe just could not cool down because of it.

4. His new "Manolo's" were put on 6 weeks ago and he has not had owey toes...however he still is having trouble getting his breathing under control.

Last week I called The Doc and made an appointment to take a look at Jesse's problem. The Doc had been on some rides with us where we had to wait for Jesse to recover. Here are today's pictures of his visit with The Doc and THE BOY!

Who is The Boy trying to fool with this??? However when Jesse saw this he was afraid it was going up the other end!!
Instead they put it over Jesse's nostrils to create a restricted breathing response from Jesse. He was such a good boy and just let THE BOY hold this over his nose while The DOC listened to both sides of his lungs and heart.
They do this several time and Jesse just stood there!
The Doc listens to Jesse's heart and lungs!
The Doc wants to listen again after Jesse gets a bit of a run. The Bossman takes him into the arena.
After Jesse's run the Doc listens again!
And again!
And again!!!

So yes..............I am freaking out!!!

The Doc says that Jesse's lungs are clear, but he is not hearing a "normal heart beat" after working. It is like he has an"extra beat". The Doc recommended that we take Jesse to the Vet school and hour and 1/2 away for an EKG, chest ex ray and possible scope test. The Doc said he believes it is nothing life threatening but that we need to have it checked out. He decides to give Jesse a steroid shot that is an anti inflamatory and wants us to work Jesse tomorrow and see if he recovers any quicker after the shot.

The Doc prepares Jesse's shot!
Jesse takes his shot like a big boy!
However was not to happy about getting/giving a blood sample!
SAVE ME MOM!!! But The Bossman has a tight hold on him!

THE BOY and his Shadow dog pose...but I told Shadow not to expose himself so THE BOY covered his privates!

At this time we are waiting for The DOC to schedule an appointment for us next week at the Vet school hospital. We are keeping our fingers crossed that this condition is treatable, and that Jesse will be back to himself on the trails soon!

The BOY plays with Jesse's mouth, which Jesse LOVES!

Your Anxious Desert Rose!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Jesse Works for his Keep!

Even though The Desert Rose is semi retired... if you can call being a Zsa Zsa to 8 existing grandchildren and 2 on the way being retired ( these girls can't tell PNW time from DESERT time...) she still works hard! However not too long ago...I came upon Jesse and The BOSSMAN...and Jesse was working! At first glance you would not know that my "Little Boy" could do this kind of manual labor, but he can! Jesse has been poning other horses since he was 3 years old! He started poning ""Little Lady" when she was just a yearling! That's why he thinks he is the boss of her! Here is Jesse...hard at work!

Jesse is not sure about dragging this big guy behind him...

Ok...that's a better angle MOM! Now I look like I'm in charge! This HUGE Thoroughbred and Jesse take a ride with The BOSSMAN...who is really in charge! However...The BOSSMAN just divulged to me that Jesse is a better "Ponier" than a "Poniee"! He always wants to be in the he runs ahead! Guess this is just in his blood!

Do your horses work for their keep???

The Desert Rose!