Monday, March 16, 2009


Once upon a time there lived a Papa Bear and a Zsa Zsa Bear. They lived in 2 little cottages on the west coast. One day the Zsa Zsa Bear went to a ladies luncheon far away from the Papa Bear in the cold PNW! When the Zsa Zsa Bear went to bed that night she said..."Look who's been sleeping in my bed"!

Meanwhile in the desert... the Papa Bear said...Look who's been sleeping in my bed"!

The moral of the story is...if the Papa Bear and the Zsa Zsa Bear can't sleep together...sleep with a grandbaby or 2!!!

Your Desert Rose!


  1. That is too cute. Look at those boys with their little bowls of popcorn! :) Were they watching a cowboy movie??

  2. I just love this story! Thats the beauty of grandkids! We just had our first granddaughter last year!

  3. They are so precious!! How cool that you each had your own "set" of grandchildren to fill the void!! Read your comment on my blog -- I love the fact that you have a specific prayer for animals in your faith. I know the Catholics have a special service once a year when they will bless animals (they have a special Saint for animals), but I am not sure about the Orthodox Church. But our new priest is very approachable, so I am going to ask him about it. Looking forward to reading more of your posts.

  4. Love pictures of the kiddies. The Auntie finds them much more fun to ooh and aah over than the ponies, since I'm not yet committed to being a Pony Cousin. I still like to hear about all the trial and tribulations of my equine cousins. I am beginning to think that they are just as expensive and time consuming as the babies though!!!

  5. You are very clever jessesdesertrose! I love this post!

  6. You asked on my blog if you were the 5 year old tag along - my memory tells me that you wanted to be the pinto stallion. Dara was the palomino; E, the white stallion; Derk usually tagged along and Cherie started calling him Tony the Pony. The ages are approximate - my memory only goes so far, and then i have to - you know - embellish.
    How come you get to have so many cute kiddies?

  7. You have been busy! Beautiful grand children you have been blessed with! Cute post and thanks for sharing, I'm looking forward to it someday!


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