Friday, March 27, 2009

Jesse's Saddle Bling Award!

Jesse's Saddle Bling Award!
Dedicated to Cowgirls who Love Bling!

Jesse has decided that he wanted to do something fun for all those cowgirls out there that love bling the way his mom, The Desert Rose does! This award is a picture of the stir up on his saddle.

These are the rules...once you receive the Jesse's Saddle Bling Award you must post about your favorite 3 bling items for your horse, 3 for your house and then 3 for you! Please include pictures when you can. Then pass this award to 3 new cowgirls who love bling! Yes you can be fancy and link to posts and all that stuff but don't worry if you don't. Just pass along the love of bling! don't forget to let your Bling Cowgirls know of their award!

I will start off the award by posting "our fav bling" items ...this will be hard cause I am the bling queen so, Jesse's bling first!

Horse Bling!

1. Jesse's hair on hide halter

Jesse was very proud to model it for us!

2. Jesse's Red and Turquoise Head Stall

Jesse does NOT look happy about modeling his new bridle...we had just returned from a 5 hour ride and he must have thought he was going to have to go out again cause sometimes, mom or The Bossman needs him to "cowhorsethefuckup" (25cents in the cuss jar) and just go out AGAIN!!!

3. Jesse's Pendleton Saddle Blankets!

This way Jesse and his Desert Rose can always match outfits!!! That is if The Bossman emails me to see what blanket I want. His rule is...the blanket on top is the one he uses when saddling Jesse for me. My rule is...he should email me the night before so I can plan Jesse's and my matching outfits! How in the world could I know what I will want to wear...2 days before the ride and leave on top the blanket I "may" want??? Silly Bossman!

House Bling! ( PNW)
1. Portrait of My Beloved Major Special (George) A Major Bonanza Son

2. Calf Hide

3. Tooled Leather Banquette with Star Conchos

Cowgirl Bling!
1. Hand tooled "Cowgirl" Belt

2. The Lazy J Brand Necklace

3. The Desert Rose Belt

Jesse is honored to pass "Jesse's Saddle Bling Award" to

Pony Girl...this cowgirl will post about "Bling" she does not even own yet! She has spirit and spunk and is willing to go the extra mile for "Bling"!!!

Heart of a Cowgirl...this cowgirl is a mom to all sorts of critters! She is soooo talented, creating "Bling" for the rest of us to oooh and ahhh over!

Saddle Mountain Rider...this cowgirl is not always "politically correct" with her "Bling". She will put a HOT PINK halter on a gelding or dress her horse up like he is an aging ROCK STAR! Cousin...what part of "COWGIRL" don't you get??? She gets extra credit for sewing the ROCK STAR outfit herself for both herself and her horse!

Congratulations Cowgirls, pass on the bling!!!

Your Desert Rose!


  1. You posted some great items, DR! I love the belts and Jesse's hair-on bronc halter...also, the kitchen shot. What a fun idea, I will work on my bling for my next Fashion Friday post! :)

  2. I love that necklace. I want that neckalce. I need that necklace. With a different initial of course. I need to build up my bling collection. There's nothing I can do about the horsey bling, but a girl can ALWAYS accessorize herself and her living quarters!

  3. Hi DR,
    You always come up with such neat things to post and I just love this! Bling is right up my alley!

  4. Thanks for the award! Love all your bling...I'll be working on my post this weekend.

  5. How are we going to compete with you!

  6. Those are some really cool "bling" items -- makes me realize just how "un-bling" my existence is! My tack and riding clothes would look pretty boring to you! But like you, I do get "horseseasick" with some of the groundwork. I was on Zora (husband's horse) the other day and had to do circles because she is so CRAZY and I started to get motion sick!! Anyway, it will be interesting to see all the "bling" out there from the award. I bet Pony Girl has some good stuff, too.

  7. Hey, I just found your comment on my closet!LOL! Yeah, I used to be more of a shopaholic but I must be getting old or something because I just don't "need" all the stuff anymore and would rather be out with the horses than maintaining all of it!LOL! House included, we downsized and I haven't regretted any of it! Now, it's just a few quality items instead of many! That's not to say I don't still like a little bling here and there! LOL!

  8. You know how much i love all of your bling! Even your everyday tack has flair. I especially love your rose belt and buckle and i dont believe i have seen your wear it, but it is gorgeous, and so "you".
    What a fun "tag" to do! I want to brush up my Okie to dress him up in his bling and i want to take photos. Sadly, it will have to wait until i get back from Reno ... our annual pilgrimage.
    But taking care of this tag will be exciting to come back to! And i already know who i want to tag!
    Hey - love you, Cuz - even if you did get to ride the PCT w/o me. No, wait, i dont like you for that. No, wait, maybe we can take that ride together sometime. Okay! luv u

  9. Jesse, I love this belt you have posted on here. I have some questions for you about it. Please email me at


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Jesse and his Desert Rose!