Saturday, March 14, 2009

TOO MANY 6/6's

I have been tagged with the task of posting my 6th picture form my 6th folder!!! My niece Lovelyleigh Treasures and Jane Auggenstein both tagged me...and I think there was another tag but can't remember who and where it was. I have been on Zsa Zsa duty for about 2 weeks and did not have the time to get the post together. And then...I had an issue about how to do the post correctly because I can access my photo's 4 different ways and they all list the files differently!!! I asked JANE about this and she said post all of the pictures! are my 4... 6/6 pictures!
Cousin Bronco Betsy and I pose on her first "cowgirlthefuckup" ride! (25 cents in the cuss Jar!)

My new chair and ottoman for my PNW office. It is on the ship making it's journey to me and should be in the PNW when I get back home at the end of the season. I am sooooo excited to have it!
This photo is from my summer rides 2008 in the PNW! Yes it is the SAME red shirt...the chinks are different!!! The last photo. This is how you KNOW that I did not cheat! This was picture was in a folder for a post idea I had and now....I can't post it. And...there were only 5 photo's in that file so technically this photo is 6/5!!!

The Desert Rose!


  1. I think that I put dib's on the chair before all the other pony cousins! So it looks like it is mine when you get tired of it!

  2. Love the chair! Did you order three!?!

  3. I love the pic of you and Jesse by the (lake?) It's gorgeous! Such a different feel from all the desert pictures.

  4. I want the chair!!! All the photos are lovely!!

  5. See now wasn't that fun??? And we all got to see lots more pictures!! :-)
    Great photos, love the one of you and Jesse by the water!


We wish you Happy Trails
Jesse and his Desert Rose!