Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The "Teqiula Rose"!

A few days ago I stopped by the wrangler's house at the stables to say goodnight to them. They were all sitting around out on the "veranda" with a beer telling "tall tales" after a long 11 hour day of wrangling horses. As I chatted with them I started to notice that someone was trying to sneak into my purse!

The "Tequila Rose" is an approximately 7 month old Healer that belongs to The Tattooed Cowpoke! Notice that she is trying too get in the zippered compartment on my "fabulous" cow hide purse where I keep my quarters for the cuss jar! The Tattooed Cowpoke has been working hard with her training and she knows many fun tricks. She can play "bang bang...your dead" fetch, and now she's a pick pocket!

A picture of the Tattooed Cowpoke on an earlier trail ride with us this year! That is "Crow" real name "Dirty Chicken" who has broken a bone on EVERY wrangler that has been un-lucky enough to be assigned riding him. He is the stable owners #1 roping horse that does not seem to like the extra credit home work of guiding trails!

You may not be able to see this clearly but...yes that is my hand in her mouth! Auntie Desert Rose says..."Tequila Rose" do not bite the hand that will feed you cookies!

Your Desert Rose!


  1. Looks like you have made a new friend!!! Tequila Rose is a cutie pie! Is she a Jack Russell?

  2. That is the infamous Crow...does he buck 'em off?
    Cute little dog...is it really named Tequila Rose or did you add the Rose part??

  3. Love the dog! And such a beautiful roping horse!
    Missing the wonderful sunshine! Back to rain and wind, AGAIN!

  4. "Tequila Rose" is a heeler... usually a desert cowboys 1st choice of breed. And yes... I did add the Rose, but she likes it!!!

  5. How much money did the dog get from you??

  6. I think you need to edit your post. I rode Crow on the Shannon once (the COWPOKE's brilliant idea) and Crow was a perfect gentleman. There wasn't even any 'crow-hopping' (pun intended)!

  7. Jess: But you are a COWGIRL and can do anything!!! Back when Jesse lived up by Crow, he always said hello to me and would ask for his treats. I would have been willing to ride him then because he knew me and I don't think he would have been naughty. I think he fools the boys because he's soooooo lazy, they relax, then he explodes!!! Hay...that was BEFORE the Shannon was fixed...even more cudo's for riding Crow on the Shannon!


We wish you Happy Trails
Jesse and his Desert Rose!