Friday, March 13, 2009

The Desert Rose is Rounding up a Posse!!!

Some of you may have noticed Jesse's Limo "King Ranch Tough" on my side bar and all of the PONY COUSINS know that I drive a Ford Expedition, King Ranch series! The "KING RANCH" is one of my fav catalogs, and they have a great web site too. They make all kinds of "King Ranch" logo merchandise and one of the things I bought was a running W brand hitch cover which is the KING RANCH brand!

The other day... I notice that it was GONE from the back of my truck!!! The Hitch pin was still there but no running W Brand Hitch cover!!!
So...The Desert Rose is rounding up a posse to go get those bandits that stole my "King Ranch" hitch cover!
The qualifications required are listed below!

1. Must have own mount...or borrowed horse meeting exceptional trail horse standards.
2. Must be ready to trot and lope at a moments notice.
3. Must have own saddle and cantle bags for saddle.
4. Must be able to drink "lemonade" when water is not available.
5. Must be able to eat hot dogs on the run and baked beans from a can.
6. Must be able to be without a cowboys arms around her for days at a time.
7. Must not be afraid to use her spurs.
8. Must be ready to kick her horse like he was her husband not her boyfriend.
9. Must be "dressed to kill".
10. Must be able to to "cowgirlthe fuckup" (25 cents in the cuss jar) at a moments notice.

Only qualified cowgirls need apply!!!

Your Desert Rose!!!


  1. Oh I would be soooo mad! I HATE people that steal! I deal with it at work all the time.
    I would love to go hunt them down for you!

  2. Oh that would make me furious! Where is peoples' conscious today....they have none?! Hey King Ranch magazine is my favorite too! My husband bought a pair of boots.

    I have a question for you....we have rubber mats in our stock we need to put anything else down for three horses to eliminate on? We're wondering if you ever put anything down like shavings....we tried straw and it's too slippery? We've heard that anything just blows around in there and kicks up dust? Let me know if you have any suggestions? We do have divider panels inside so they're not just all together. Thanks!

  3. Blue Eyed Tango: both of my stables sugest just putting down shavings at their feet banked up a bit at their hind legs. That will keep the urine from running all over and every 2 or 3 times I haul I just use the cherry picker and clean out the bad stuff and add more shavings as needed. Matts are hard to keep from smelling in the hot weather and are hard to clean. My trailer came with a rubber type of floor. I will have to take a close look at it to see how it's put down and if it will come out for cleaning, I can't remember!

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  5. Dustbuster and Dusty Devoe are saddled up and ready to go! I hate theifs!!!

  6. BET- I also use shavings, I use white shavings not cedar because I have a horse that has allergies to cedar. I also bank it up by their hind legs to catch most of the urine, like Desert Rose. I clean all poo after every trailer ride (I am anal, ask PG!) and if they urinate I remove the rubber mats and hose the inside down well.

  7. Paint Girl...yes you are anal if you scoop EVERYTIME! of course some of my rides are only to the Indian Canyons and that is 10 minutes. If I haul an hour or bet cha...I scoop poop!

  8. I'm in. Man that just pisses me off to no end. Call me naive, but I have a hard time fathoming how people can just take stuff that doesn't belong to them. I wouldn't be able to sleep at night nor live with myself during the day. How do they?

  9. That's bad to have someone take your things!!! Yes, I would be pissed too! I would come out and help but the trip from Ohio would be a LONG haul and by then you gals would have found the danged thief and already hung him or her!!! Hope you find them and string them up!!!

  10. I am ready for the posse! I have a pistol and lots of whiskey. I also have a strong rope on my saddle horn for when he catch the rotten varmint that stole your hole thing. I dont need spurs on my Okie and he can run all day. Will this posse take very long, because i have a nail appointment on Wed?

  11. Sign me up!!! I had a GREAT trail ride today, and I think I could handle it! Sounds like so much fun!


We wish you Happy Trails
Jesse and his Desert Rose!