Tuesday, March 3, 2009


You may remember the "HANDMADE" bridle and rein set that was given to me by a wrangler buckaroo in thanks for the TVs they received when we made replacements in our desert house. Well...here are his "own" Chapaderros" and matching knife and cell phone holder for all to see! This is his original design!

The "Flame" Tappaderro's

Close up of the flame tappaderro's!

Matching knife and cell phone holder!

Anyone interested in purchasing any hand made goods, let me know, this cowboy can do it!!!

Your Desert Rose!


  1. I can't help it, but that knife reminded me of my Grandmother's steak knife set. lol!

    Really, though, those leatherworks are really beautiful. Sweeeet!


  2. How much does he charge for one of those?

  3. Beautiful! Very talented cowboy!

  4. He is very talented! I wonder how long it takes to create one of those items? Those tappaderros are cool! I bet they really protect the foot and boots, is that their purpose?

  5. Blue Eyed Tango
    I talked to the cowboy and he charges $40 for the cell phone holder, $75 for the knife holder and $200 for taps, $300 for the set of 3.
    The tapaderos were used to push through thick bushes...mainly thorny ones. I know fron my own desert and PNW tangles with thorns and black berries that they would come in very handy!

  6. Thanks Desert Rose for the pricing....they're really nice.


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