Wednesday, March 18, 2009

No More Bunny Slope Trails for This Cowgirl!

When my PONY COUSIN Bronco Betsy was visiting in the desert we had many rides together! However this Pony Cousin does not have a fear of heights or drop off cliffs...she has a fear of stumbling!!! All the trails that I would consider the "bunny slope trails" she was anxious on! I then take her on a trail that scared me for years...and she loved it! No rocks for stumbling on...just switch backs, drop off and cliffs!

Starting up the HARD TRAIL!

Bronco Betsy having fun!

BB and our trail guide for the day! Jesse threw a shoe his am ride with The Bossman so we had to rent Jack!!! A few PONY COUSINS MAY REMEMBER JACK! I do know who has ridden Jack....will the Pony Cousin's remember??? If you have ridden Jack, please comment on this post and identify yourself!!!

New rule AT the stables this year because of insurance rentals go without guides!!! This is a difficult rule for me because if I KNOW my guest can ride I used to be able to take a rental without a guide. I have ALWAYS taken a guide when I am unsure of my guest riders but now have to take one EVERY TIME...unless The Bossman or the Cowpoke are with me!

See my boot in the lower left hand side of the picture??? This drop off was NOT an issue for BB!!!
Anyone recognize this picture??? It was one of my 6/6 pictures!!!

BB rides to the top of the Mountain!

Little Lady and The Desert Rose ride drag!

This is the hill we just came down!
The bottom of the trail winds around beneath some very fancy houses so BB takes some pictures!
This trail is not for the faint hearted and Bronco Betsy did great!!!

The Desert Rose!


  1. that looks like great fun!! Jealous!!! Okay, the Man from Snowy River" you better give me a report! Also check out the "Return of Snowy River".

  2. That looks like a ton of fun and a little bit scarey!!

  3. Was that the same steep trail ride that you took me and Dusty Devoe on?

  4. Not the Same trail...although you went on trails SHE would not like either!!!

  5. I believe Jack is the one PG rode when we were down there last year! Am I right? My memory fails me sometimes, ok, maybe alot of the times!
    I am so happy BB is having a blast and isn't scared of those drop offs!

  6. Paint Girl, I think it was I that rode "Cadillac Jack!" Who did you ride? I remember riding Jack (Tenn. Walker) and then at one point I got to hop on your TW boy and take him for a spin, but I can't remember that bay's name for the life of me!
    Bummer about the new rule....I'm proud of BB for tackling those big drop-offs! Not sure I would be so brave, I think! Might need lots of lemonade, LOL! ;)

  7. I had the pleasure of riding Cadillac Jack on that sizzling evening in the desert. He was smooth,and very clever at placing his feet as we traveled over the rocky trail. And he did not bring me up close and personal to any palm trees.

  8. We had a lot of fun! DRose is just the best host and trail boss ya know....Really wish you guys could've been there. As I look at these pics. I want to go again! Hubby just said "We came back too soon!"


We wish you Happy Trails
Jesse and his Desert Rose!