Friday, March 20, 2009

Saddle Sore!

Most cowgirls are not as lucky as the Desert Rose to be able to spend so many hours in the saddle. But...that has not always been that case for me. 17 years ago when we first bought "George" I was doing a lot of arena riding because of the cold, wet weather in the PNW. My stables only had a few "trails" to ride that was really just riding along side orchards, through Christmas tree farms with a few logging roads scattered among them. At the longest you could ride one hour out and one hour back! When I bought "George" I had my stepson's Circle Y Trail saddle, a man's size, that he had given me with his former "polo horse"! (That is a totally different story I will share someday). This saddle was fine for the arena and for the short trail rides I was able to take. However...after a few years it became to heavy for me to throw over "George" and I downsized to a Cordrua Saddle. Again...this was fine for my needs. But when we got Jesse my rides gradually became longer and tougher. This was a problem because after 2 hours in the saddle...I was in agony! Even my "real sheep skin" tush cush only helped for a while. Finally for my (big) birthday I decided I wanted a new saddle. Now this was a huge dilemma for or a new saddle??? All my friends said... SADDLE!!!! YES... I CAVED!

So...I took the COWPOKE with me to the "cowgirlthefuckup dream store" (25 cents in the cuss jar) a 3 hour drive away to help me select the perfect saddle for me and Jesse. The COWPOKE at that time was still a bit wet behind the ears... barely old enough to legally "drink and ride" but that didn't stop him! The COWPOKE did know a thing or 2 about horses so when I asked him to help a cowgirl in distress he stepped up to the task. Now Jesse is a big butt Quarter horse and almost anything will fit but... is a bit more delicate and only the best would do for it! The COWPOKE must have lifted 100 saddles for me to try before we finally narrowed it down to 2. Then, so we would not have to make the trip back for all the accessories we matched bridles, reins, cinches and anything else we needed for 2 complete "saddle outfits" for me to try.
The "dream store" says I can send anything I don't want back and they will credit my card!
Now that we have accomplished our mission...we are off to buy a birthday gift for the COWPOKE! He chooses a cowboy hat...BLACK FOR AN OUTLAW! We see chinks for a great price, I buy him those too! Then we pick out saddle pads, I get boots to match my saddle, I buy the COWPOKE a PINK western shirt...cause there is nothing sexier than a man in a pink shirt! I tell him it will help get him girls...not sure he believed me. Add some horse spray... and some new riding gloves and the credit card pooped out on us. Good thing cause we could have done some serious damage!
Now the part you have all been waiting for...what kind of saddle did I get???

The picture has been "tweaked" so if you can't make it out...It's a MARTIN BARREL RACER!

Chestnut Martin Basket weave with Wyoming Flower, Copper Flower Concho's, with Cameo boarder! I was not looking for a "bling saddle" and would not have put this one together quite this way but my "butt" knew at once...this was the one for me!

Suede mocha seat that I have ridden in for 7 hours and did not get "saddle sore"!

Deep seated cantle...I always feel "in the saddle" not on it!

Matching headstall and hand made romal reins ($$$$$)!

Jesse models his bridal!

And Breast Collar!

Wish you could all come and ride the "HAPPY DESERT TRAILS" with us!

Your Desert Rose!


  1. Yes, a nice seat is always nice. My saddle is really comfortable too. But I have not been on a 7 hr trail ride yet!!!

  2. MY saddle is really comfortable too, never been on the trail with it!

  3. You have a delicate bottom - i know because of that blister you got on it after our 2 hour ride back when you were a little bugger!

  4. I love my trail saddle, I only get sore in the knees, but I have terrible knees. I would love to get a barrel saddle some day!

  5. I didn't know your saddle was a barrel they typically make good trail saddles? Seems like everyone else (mom, Paint Girl, and Auntie) have fancy made-for-the-trail trail saddles with uber padding on the seat. My saddle is fine for about 2 hours, then I'm not a happy camper. I definitely need to get a tush cush for those longer rides! I didn't think out my saddle buying though...I was just leasing a horse, needed a saddle, and found a decent Circle Y for a good deal and went for it. It'll be a while before I can afford another saddle! By the way, yours has pretty details!

  6. Hey nice one. I just bought a new Reinsman trail saddle. It is really comfortable. The girl that sold it to me said she hates those that have all the padding because she feels that she has a sanitary napkin on when she's riding! LOL! Jesse is styling!

  7. Wow! Really nice set up there! Yep, the butt knows when the saddle is comfortable....

  8. Sweeeeet saddle Miss Rose! I cannot even imagine what all that gorgeous tack and extras for the Cowpoke, cost you. Wowzers! And a handmade lovely Romal reins, too? (wiping drool off my chin) You are one lucky cowgirl!

    I love my saddle. Only thing I'd change is a deeper seat.
    I've got an Amish-made Henry Miller Endurance Aussie-style saddle. I can ride for hours all comfy, and have tested it to be true for 6 hours so far. The seat is suspended with a gel-pad built right in. It's so soft and dreamy! The stirrups are also endurance and very padded so my knees and hips never hurt after long rides.

    I sure hope my poor knee appreciates that once I get back in the saddle again, though. lol!

    Yours is sure prettier than mine. Mine is very simple with just a thin barb wire tooling. I wish now I would have got the matching bridle but I went for the Dr. Cook's Bitless instead. I do love the matching breast collar, though I rarely use it. Don't know why. haha!

    Thanks for sharing your saddle and tack with us, Miss Rose.



We wish you Happy Trails
Jesse and his Desert Rose!