Sunday, March 15, 2009

Jesse's "Manolo" Shoes!

Jesse has bad feet. Not just just bad...but probably some of the worst feet you will see. When we first got him seven years ago he was a neglected, underweight, shaggy scared little 2 yr old gelding. And he was anemic! THE DOC gave him shots for 3 months until his blood leveled out. Who knows how long he had been anemic before we corrected it. At the same time I was also anemic and getting iron infusions to correct it. My hematologist told me that a sign of anemia was thin, ridged, peeling nails. At the time I had "faux" nails so could not see that after 4 years of being anemic...that is how my real nails looked. Although no vet will confirm this I believe this has attributed to his poor hoof condition. And because he is also a "snowbird" changing farriers every 6 months has created these terrible quarter cracks.

The chip in the front is because he lost a shoe out on the trail and took a small piece of hoof with it!

Heavy clamps on the front.

Another view!

All of these cracks come from the top...down. However there is an eighth of an inch grow out without any cracks that is good news that we are on the right track!

Poor baby!!!

Jesse's custom made steel toed "Manolo's"! We call them "Manolo's" because you could buy a pair for what Jesse's shoes cost! Jesse's "owey" toes have almost disappeared because of them. Of course...we are also very careful not to ride trails that may cause him to have issues again.

And...The Desert Rose has made a very difficult decision, I will not be taking Jesse back to the PNW with me at the end of our desert season but instead leave Jesse here in The Bossman's loving care and give him a full year with his desert farrier. It is only right that I give him this opportunity to get healthy hooves.

However...The Desert Rose is a "horse addict" and The Bossman knows that nothing would be worse than a "redhead" going through withdrawals...even 2000 miles away from him! The Bossman has graciously volunteered to loan me "Little Lady" for the PNW season!!!

As you all know...I luv her bunches and have known her since she was born here in the desert. She was just days old the first time I saw her in her little hot pink halter being led with her mom for some arena play time! Jesse has ponied her from the time she was 6 months old and they think they are siblings. I am very grateful and thankful to The Bossman for his generosity!!!

Your Desert Rose!!!


  1. Wow, a pony swap for a whole 6 months. You're very lucky someone trusts you that much to let you borrow their beloved pony! I know you'll still miss your Jesse like mad. You'll have to fly down for special visits so you don't get separation anxiety too badly!!!

  2. I know that this is probably a hard decision for you to make, but I know how much you love Jessie and only want what is best for him. Also, you know that the bossman will take excellent care of him.He probably couldn't be in any better hands than you

  3. I think that sounds like a healthy swap for Jesse, and 6 months will fly by. Does this mean Little Lady will be joining us on the cousins trip this summer? Will she be the only Cadillac ride (I believe she is gaited?) You sure look pretty on her! ;)
    Has anyone ever suggested that Jesse attempt natural hoof care (no shoes) or is that out of the question because of his problems w/quarter cracks?

  4. Sares... yes I will need to go see Jesse in the 120 degree weather!
    CJL... I would only trust The bossman with Jesse because I know he loves him as I do!!!
    PONY GIRL...Maybe since you are off in the summer you should go with me to the desert!!! aND YES, LL will be with the PONY COUSINS in Aug!!! I am working with her now on Rodeo STUFF!

  5. I can't wait to see the pix from the next Pony Cousin gathering. I hope they are able to make a difference in Jesse's feet over those 6 months.

  6. What a great mom you are to Jesse....I hear ya on the Manolo shoe price! My mare is just getting to the place where her feet are good again! Now you can work with LL on that one little thing you spoke about. I know she'll be fine with you at the reins (I would have been freaked out like your friend)....what a beautiful view, wonderful photo of you! Lot how your red hair is highlighted by the sun! I'm getting mixed up....I thought the Bossman was your husband? I came in after your ride with BB?

  7. sounds like a good trade for the time! It sucks to have a horse with bad feet. Hope it all heals like you want. YOu know the saying "No feet no horse". :) Good Luck. sounds like you are going to have a good summer.

  8. I think the extra time Jesse stays in the desert will help. It has to be hard on his hooves going to another shoer and climate!
    Can't wait to see LL at the Pony Cousins trip! Now we will all have to try to keep up with her!

  9. I had no idea different farriers could mess up a horse's feet. Is it possible to choose farriers with similar styles and skills so the transition would be easier?
    I bet the climate and weather is the biggest problem, though. Desert horses tend to have tougher feet, though it's often a good idea to add moisture, like oils, to the feet when it's really dry.

    Can Jesse ever try going barefoot, especially when he's not being ridden for so long? Many horses really improve once they go barefoot for a while or long term, if terrain is conducive.

    Little Lady sure is pretty and I'm sure you're going to enjoy having her with you in PNW, though I bet you'll miss the Jesser Man.



We wish you Happy Trails
Jesse and his Desert Rose!