Sunday, March 8, 2009


Last weekend when our west coast grandchildren were here we had a stables day! We started at the day at brunch with the daddy and then went home to put on our "cowgirl" outfits!

We get to the stables and The Rose Kid is very helpful in getting Jesse ready to ride. She leads him from the stall, groom him, and picks his feet! When Jesse is ready we go to the stables office to borrow helmets for both of the girls and Spanky gives us a ride back in the golf cart!

At first all Jesse wants to do is follow mom...but Zsa Zsa tells the Rose Kid not to let him get away with that and pretty soon she can keep him on the rail!
The Rose Kid and Zsa Zsa pose with Jesse!

Stella's turn with Jesse!

Jesse and Stella both take advantage of the photo opp!!!

Your Desert Rose!


  1. They are so cute! I bet they love visiting you!

  2. Adorable post and little girls. I'm not a grandparent yet and don't see any in sight (I hope I'm not too old to enjoy them later...I'm 47 now! Looking forward to it! Maybe by that time I'll have these horses trained the way I want!lol! Just married a son off who's 25. Our daughter is 23 with no steady beau yet. Looks like Jesse was lovin it and The Rose Kid too!

  3. That is really cute! Jesse is so good with them! Are you going to post about their mommy any time soon? I suppose they get their horsey genes from her? :) And aren't they the east coast grandchildren, or did that change?

  4. Way to cowgirl up Rose Kid and Stella! They are just the cutest girls!

  5. Great pics of the kids, I want grandkids someday! I only have one married on Jan 31st this year and she still has 15 months left before she is out of the Air Force so I will have to wait awhile yet.

    Oh, and that is the cutest saddle blanket ever!!

  6. PONY GIRL... yes they are the east coast granchildren...Lily just wanted her cowgirl name NOW!

  7. The girls are pretty in pink. Is that a children's saddle?


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Jesse and his Desert Rose!