Friday, March 6, 2009


As you all know I have had a PONY COUSIN of my own down here in the desert to play with these past 2 weeks. She has been "in the saddle" more in one week than she is normally in one month, actually...more than 3 months.......if anyone could call THAT normal! Okay...Okay I know you all can't be in the saddle all the time as I am! Because the weather has been "iffy" to down pour here in the desert we have had 2 rides rained out that had been scheduled with The Bossman and other than a "brief encounter" ( got you all thinking about that....didn't I!) they had not gotten to spend much time together. However both Bronco Betsy and I wish to thank The Bossman for so graciously lending "Little lady"to us for all of our rides so that Bronco Betsy could ride Jesse!

I should tell you all now...up front, that this will be a LONG it was a LONG RIDE! Cousin B gets to my house at 6:30 am so we can get coffee and get our "shit" together!

We drive by Jesse's stall slowly so he can poke his head in to say "Mom...what the hell are you doing here at 7am??? " Cousin B and I unpack our "shit" from the car, drop off coffee to The Bossman and Bigfoot and get Jesse out and groomed. Well...cuz B grooms while I pack our saddle bags for the day! The Bossman has Little Lady saddled already for us and she is back in her stall finishing her breakfast. Here is our "shit" all packed up!
Another view with cuz B and Jesse in the back ground! But...what is he doing???
Cuz BB has Jesse eating out of her hands!
Yup...because Jesse had not finished his breakfast either Cuz B is giving him 3 cups of his Strategy as a treat because of our LONG RIDE today!
We load up the horses and off we go on our 45 minute ride up the Mountain to our PINES TO PALMS staging area! The Bossman drives and I do have to was a ride form HELL! Man did that Bossman haul ass up that big Mountain! I kept yelling back to Jesse...brace yourself the Bossman is on a mission! Of course once we get there...we have to... unload our "shit" again!
Oh....and the Horses! They also get unloaded!!!
Of course while we are getting our "shit" together the Bossman is tending bar!!!

Here's to "Happy Trails"!!! Cuz B does not complain about the fresh OJ Mimosa's...!

Bronco Betsy proudly wears "The Desert Rose" chinks! Just before mounting up we take a potty break and Bronco needed a bit of help getting out of the precarious position she choose to pee on my chinks! I tried to help her...but was a bit over zealous and pulled her almost over. Unfortunately...she broke a nail and quite frankly, I did expect more from this cowgirl. But I was even more shocked at The Bossman siding with her when she told me to ^&*(%# off!

Guess when it comes down to it we all find out who our friends are in times of crisis. She "pees" on my chinks...I laugh. I break her nail and the "Hell Bitch" rears her head up!!!
We hit the trail at 9:30 am!!!
Last chance to reach out and touch someone...and wouldn't you know it would be The Bossman that would try to touch....someone!Cuz Bronco B and Jesse at a sign post!

Clean, cool water for all!!!
Cousin Bronco Betsy in the stream after Jesse's big drink!!!

Never let The Bossman hug you unless you can stay in the saddle!!!

Cause sure as shit...he will pull you off and you will be in the water faster than you can say what the fuck??? (25cents in the cuss jar)
Little Lady follows Jesse up the hill!
The Bossman takes time out for a training session!

Who's gonna win this one???
Sure hope you put your money on The Bossman!!! This is not SLICK THE STALLION, it's Sunny Doc the stable owners horse that fits The Bossman's MO! (Black/White)

Every time I turn around...The Bossman is still there! Maybe because we lost him once ( yes, on purpose) on this trail he stickes to my hind end like glue! Ya...bad joke!

The Desert Rose is on a Quest for the Crest!!! We will ride this trail soon!

Cuz BB has a little nip! What's the penalty for drinking and riding when your hubby's a Sheriff???
Cousin BB maneuvers the trail!

The lunch stop rock is very comfy!!!

The rock view around our lunch rock!

Oh Oh...Jesse is in trouble!!! Mom to the rescue....please!

This predicament that Jesse has gotten himself in reminds me of the silly mare photo!!! He had himself wrapped around the tree!!!

Auntie Desert Rose always packs a great lunch for the kids! Little Lady luvs apples carrots and cookies!!!
After lunch we mount up and hit the trail again!!!

Look very close...what do you see??? Yes, that is a long horn stray...The Bossman cautions me he may charge if we get to close! But I am confident Little Lady can run fast!!!

The Bossman celebrates the almost end of the trail!!!

The last watering hole!!! Yes...BB was TIPSY, this is not a camera error.

The ride back to the stables from a stables Buckaroo!

I must tell you all how proud I am of my Cuz Bronco Betsy for riding the Pines to Palms trail with us. 7 hours in the saddle and 20 miles!!! She never once complained about anything...except her damn finger nail! It is because of her "cowgirlthefuckup" (25 cents in the cuss jar!) attitude that I award her the...
You've Earned Your Spurs Award!
This Pony Cousin has passed every test that Jesse and The Desert Rose put before her and other than the finger nail incident, passed with flying colors!!!

Your Desert Rose!


  1. DR what a cute post. I enjoyed it thoroughly! Looks like great fun....I'm envious! Looks like you made a cowgirl out of Cuz BB! Libations came in handy but maybe you wouldn't have broken her nail without em? LOL! Oh well, that's what she gets for goin on your chinks! What a day!

  2. I had a fun time reading your post. Loved the details and pictures. Cousin BB, way to go!

  3. Did cuz BB make a contribution to the cuss jar when her nail broke?

    Nice story, great pics!

    Gus McCrae and Garlic Man

  4. What a fun ride! You are sure getting good with that camera! I love the stray longhorn! Couldn't you get a little closer and get us a better shot?! :)
    Very jealous of the rides BB got. Next year...
    say, who are the cute cowboys in the cab of the truck? Do they have all of their teeth? HEE! xo

  5. Sounds like great fun! Missin' those Desert trails!

  6. Yay! Thanks for taking me along with you guys! I miss riding trail so much! But I felt like I was almost there with you (except for the sore legs and butt afterwards! hehe)

    Maybe Bronco Betsy could use one of those femal urinals when she's got some chinks on? I hear they work great! Check 'em out at REI.

    Poor broken fingernail. lol!

    Looks like Bossman's pony is a little bossy like my mare tries to be. But the Bossman knows what to do! :)

    Awesome trail ride journal.

    Mmm! And I adore Mimosas. That was my kind of trail ride, my friend!


  7. "Guess when it comes down to it we all find out who our friends are in times of crisis. She "pees" on my chinks...I laugh. I break her nail and the "Hell Bitch" rears her head up!!!"

    One of the funniest things I have EVER read in a blog! That may be my new favorite quote!

  8. DR, if I had a place to ride like you, I'd be a trail rider too!lol! I'm a novice at riding just getting back into all of it....I'm not into showing much so I do it all this for fun....and I do have fun...sounds like a lot of work but it doesn't matter what discipline you're doing, all horses can benefit from the lessons....unless you have a totally bombproof, perfect horses....which your hubby may have bought for you...lucky girl!

  9. Capt' Gus, no cuss jar money from BB, she was on her way to Vegas from here and was not willing to offer 25cents up to my cause!

    PONY GIRL...that was The Bossman riding shotgun and KYLE driving with all his teeth!!!

    BLUE EYED TANGO...Jesse is just one of those "old soul" horses that everyone dreams of owning once in a life time! However as a "green" 2yr old baby...he did buck me off once! Once I explianed to him one shot was ALL he was gonna get, he cowhorsedthe^&*%up and just does anything I ask, willingly 99% of the time. Yes, I am lucky to have the oppertunity to ride the trails here in the desert!

  10. Hay there! I just got home and got to read your great posts about our wonderful rides! Thanks for sharing about my great aim...."Hell Bitch huh?" Well, I ONLY got a tiny bit of the fringe...hee! hee! I never had so much fun...We jumped ditches, galloped up banks and climbed down steep switchbacks! It was something! I'm Soooo excited about earning my spurs! Yeah!!! But, I think 7 hours in the saddle warrant that for sure. And no, I took all my cuss money with me to Vegas. Good thing too.
    Give Jesse a hug for me, hope he's doing well. I miss being there already.


We wish you Happy Trails
Jesse and his Desert Rose!