Monday, March 9, 2009

"King Ranch Tough!"

Last Spring at the end of our desert season...I had convinced my LOVING HUSBAND that after 17 years of owning horses, I was ready to own my own trailer. It was not the trailer that was the issue...but more the "vehicle" to tow it! Several years back I had a "Range Rover" that I adored. Then later a BNW x5 both of these vehicles my husband hated to drive even though he rarely had too. However neither of these SUV's would tow a trailer. So.....Last spring shortly after we arrived back in the PNW I went looking for my new vehicle to tow the horse trailer... I did not own yet! My 1st option for a trailer was for a 2 horse slant and my choices were easily narrowed down because of the weight restrictions that most SUV's had. However...there were 2 vehicles that caught my eye. One was the Cadillac Escalade and the other was the Ford Expedition... that I had just learned came in a "King Ranch Edition"! I have coveted a King ranch truck since seeing it in the "King Ranch" catalogue but knowing my loving husband was not a 'truck" kind of guy would never be able to have one. But now that I knew both our needs could be met... maybe, just maybe the King ranch would be mine after all! After driving both and loving how the Expedition back seats layed down at the touch of a button... I made my choice!

Of course you all knew what it was!!!

Each seat made from a single cowhide with the "King Ranch running W" brand!

Leather and chrome console!

Chrome "King Ranch" running W brand logo wheels!

Only "King Ranch Tough" was good enough for this cowgirl!

Your Desert Rose!!!


  1. You better not let me drive it, or you won't get it back!!!

  2. Oh man, you be STYLIN', cowgirl! NICE truck!

  3. O.K. now you're really making me envious! We've also looked at a bunch of them! Still waiting of course! Hey heads up on an issue though if you're interested? We've noticed that the leather seems to wear a little rough....meaning cracks and splits if not taken care of properly and in the desert sun I'd sure think about tinted windows if you haven't already! This could be because people have not taken care of them but everyone we talk to says the same....or the extreme cold here not sure but just keep them lubed up and you'll be fine. You'll be the best lookin rig around!

  4. Have you ever been to the King Ranch? It's an interesting place! I went with my parents about four years ago....maybe I'll do a post. They also have horse sales periodically.

  5. Yes Auntie Desert Rose, you've got yourself a beautiful ride. We're all envious. Does it still hold that new car/leather smell? I love that smell. Now to let you know, I've tagged you to find your 6th photo in your 6th photo file and post it. You can thank Pony Girl for this little game. It's fun though. Love Ya!

  6. oooo I am jealous, I had an Expedition, which we just traded in for a F350 truck,I always drool over the King Ranch models LOL my husband is a truck man LOL, and I love the truck for hauling, I have a 4 horse trailer and we put an 11 1/2" camper on the truck too! its a lot of rig to go down the road with.

  7. You got the delux truck!!! I love it! When I bought my 4 horse slant we of course had to buy a new truck.. I have a Ford 350 Dulley!! I love it for hauling.


We wish you Happy Trails
Jesse and his Desert Rose!