Wednesday, March 11, 2009


WARNING...This photo may even scare "Silence of the Lambs" fans!!!

I been neglectful in reporting back to ya' all about Jesse's appointment with the "heart Doctor"! We have had sooooo many grand babies requiring Papa And Zsa Zsa servicing that we have not had time for much else. That is the price we pay for being "snowbirds"! We don't get to see our babies as often as we would like....but instead get a big dose to last us till we need another fix!

If you remember, Jesse was having a difficult time recovering from any hard work this season. The Bossman and I finally could find no excuse to explain it this late in the season and called in THE DOC to check Jesse out. To our dismay, THE DOC also discovered issues he was concerned about and sent us to the nearest horsey "Mayo Clinic" to get Jesse check out. THE DOC did blood work so that they horsey Mayo Clinic would have all the results when we got there. The appointment was scheduled for a Thursday at 1:00PM. I knew that I was not interested in hauling Jesse's Limo an hour and 1/2 away to a town I had never been too in LA type traffic and was going to hire one of the wranglers from the stables to drives us. However when I mentioned this to The Bossman he said "Just wait...I hope to take a vacation day!". Well...who better to go with us but The Bossman who luvs Jesse and could answer and ask any questions about his health. And because The Bossman is responsible for Jesse's daily "requirements" it would really great for him to have 1st hand info from the heart Doctor. After several emails back and forth... as always for the Bossman and I to get a plan, that works for me...the plan was set.

He would drive the "KING RANCH" hauling Jesse's Limo, that I would hook up! I would get us a sack lunch and coffee and be ready to leave at 10:30 am for our appointment factoring in getting lost time. I arrive to the stables at 9:30 ish. I get the Limo hooked up first try!!! Things are going great. I walk around the trailer as Spanky taught me to do and as I pulled out the last wheel block, something just did not look right.Then I see....the flat tire on the back left side. Can you believe it??? Here I was trying to show The Bossman that I could "cowgirlthefuckup" (25 cents to the cuss jar!) here was something I could NOT do! I have never changed a flat tire in my life...let alone on a horse trailer!!!

Time is moving too fast now and I do the only thing I can think of...cry for help! Fortunately, the owner of the stables took pity on me, calmed me down and had the tire off, and the tire store alerted to my crisis as The Bossman pulled up to the trailer. The Bossman and I raced to the tire store and in 20 minutes were on our way back to the stables. With all of this going on...we pulled out of the stables at 10:30AM sharp with Jesse thinking we were just going for a ride happily eating his 2nd breakfast in the back of the limo.

Now those of you who are seasoned bloggers would be posting a picture now of the flat tire and of it being changed! Alas, I was in such a state that I did not even think about it until 30 miles down the road. And a good thing too... as later in the trip I discovered that I only had memory on my camera for 11 pictures!!! Now this is as we call it in our household, a "CATASTROPHY"!
The Bossman and I get to the horsey "Mayo Clinic" with 20 of our getting lost minutes to spare. The Heart Doctor made us wait till 1:00 exactly, but then strolled up to us and review Jesse's case. Both The Bossman and I shared info with him then he had his staff take Jesse to the round pen for a work out. At first they had him on a long line and I explained to them that he will free lunge for them pretty easy cause the Desert Rose has "seahorse sickness" and I can not lounge him on a line. Jesse did a wonderful job of following the staffs instructions and before long the Doc said to stop him and he would listen to his heart and watch his recovery.

The "heart Doc" is in the stripped shirt and has an apprentice vet (girl) on the other side also listening to Jesse's heart. Sometimes she does everything 1st and tells him what she thinks...then he does it all over and tells her what he found different or the same. They confer that Jesse does have a 4th heartbeat and now will do the next test! Mean while I look for The Bossman and find him doing what he likes to do best!
The Bossman always seems to find a pretty lady...even when his attentions should be with Jesse and me maybe???

The staff takes Jesse to another area where they are going to simulate his breathing after a workout by limiting his oxygen.

Jesse exhibits recovery issues!!! So on to the next test.

Monitoring Jesse's "scope" test of his lungs! The tube went up Jesse's nose to his lungs and we could then see his lungs on the TV monitor. It was a real long tube!!!

The "heart DR. ultra sound specialist"! ( yes...another DR!!!)

One of nine 3rd year vet students listening for Jesse's 4th heart beat!

If you look close you can see 4 stethoscopes focused on Jesse and a big poop pile Jesse left for them!!!

After 4 long hours and many procedures and tests including a lung x-ray and both front feet x-rayed , Jesse was given the following diagnosis.

1. An extra heartbeat that he has probably always had and shows up after exercise. It is not an issue of concern. Many race horses have this same condition.

2. "Horsey Asthma"... which is being treated by a serries of steriods.

3. Bad hooves...but no disease showing up in ex-rays.

Jesse, Mom and the Bossman arrive back home at the stables...and very relieved at the Dr's report!

Now... you all saw everything that Jesse went through at his visit to the "heart Doc". He did not make one... not one single protest at all the poking, prodding, tubing or ultrasounding, although the DR. instucted all of his vet students to do an ultrasound on their own heart as homework because of how uncomfortable/painful it can be for a Quarter horse. They are so muscled up in the chest that you have to push really hard to get a good picture of the heart but yet Jesse was a terrific patient!!!

In the outside hall from us a "warm blood" was brought up for an exray of his lower leg area. After 4 trys the satff asked the DR. if they could sedate the horse. The Dr. said yes and a droopy horse then got his x-rays taken. It was NEVER even considered for Jesse as he acted like you were just picking his hooves or some other grooming task, even when at one time I counted 13 humans around him watching and listening to his heart ultra sound! Did he "cowhorsethefuckup" (25 cents in the cuss jar) or what???

Your Desert Rose!


  1. Jesse was so brave! I don't know if the dustbuster would behave like that. Sometimes they just suprize you!

  2. Wow, I'm impressed! My Boy would not have been that good! That was quite the series of tests! Did you ask them to do the hooves? Why are the hooves bad (I know you are going to do a post on this at some point.) So the heart condition is fine, so I'm assuming it is the asthma affecting his recovery? Can the asthma go away w/steroid treatment or will he have to be on steroids now, and will he only need them when there is a flare-up? Sorry so many questions, I like details! ;) Overall, sounds like good news (and one pricey vet bill, LOL!)

  3. I am so happy to hear that Jesse doesn't have a heart condition! Hopefully the 'roids will help. He sounds like he was such a good boy for the DR's! Go Jesse!

  4. Wow, what a good boy you have! I don't know if Gilly would be that good or not. Glad to hear that he doesn't have a heart condition and that the meds will help him.

  5. Well, he sounds like my man Romeo in how he acts with all the commotion going on around him! That's a good ole boy Jesse! Glad to hear it's nothing too bad...we're just darned lucky for every day we have with our horses! Things like this really teach us to seize every moment with them because you never know when it'll be the last! I'm laughing at your flat tire moment....I can just see it! You'd better learn to cowgirltheheckup (sorry that's as dirty as I can talk here) on changing those tires on that nice new KING RANCH!

  6. Hello there! I am glad you found me! I have been trying to find another blog to follow, and I'm glad you let me know you are out there. It is also great to know about someone else who does some "power riding"!! I felt like I went out on a limb with that comment. We know so many people who feel it is tantamount to abuse to let a horse cut loose once in a while. I am looking forward to reading your blog. I'm at work right now, so I will check it out in more detail at home. Keep Riding!!

  7. PONY GIRL: We asked for the hooves xrays to make sure that there was nothing going on besides the bad hooves. The steroid has made a great impovement but he is not the same as last year yet. We may have to give the steroid from time to time but right now THE DOC wants us to keep pushing him and see what he can do. THE DOC was on our last ride 2 "mules" ahead of us so he could watch Jesse's progress. The trail boss took extra special care to stop and blow for Jesse and wait till we said to go ahead! How sweet of her to do that. Down here in the desert if your horse is NOT up to the ride...DON'T GO!!!

  8. Um.....that was only 10 pictures...whre's the 11th? Are you holding out on us?


    Jesse is the best horse ever! I'm sure you're proud of that handsome guy. And what a good Horse mama you are to go through all that.
    Sounds like you and Jesse are good for each other...two peas :)



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