Tuesday, March 17, 2009


A few posts ago one of our east coast grand daughters wanted to be known on my blog as "The Rose Kid". This means she would be listed on The Desert Rose Buckaroo side board. Her little sister Stella declined a blog name but Lily's request got me thinking about "future names" for our newest, and soon to be born grand daughters also...and one for Stella when/if she decided to join up with the Buckaroos! I was telling this to our daughter Rachel who was visiting us in the desert with her husband and 2 month old daughter Alexa Jewel. I explained how my daughter was "The Rosebud" and that the grand daughters would also have "rose" some way in their name. Our oldest grand daughter is "The Grand Rose"! And to my surprise... and delight, she also wants a "rose" name!!!

So...I am proud to introduce to ya' all

"The Rosa" and her daughter "The Rosa Jewel"!!!

Your Desert Rose!


  1. Oh she is soooo cute. She has those cheeks that are great for kissing. Which grandkids do you get to see next? Or are you done for a while now and get to spend all your spare time blazing trails with Jessee!!!

  2. She is TOO precious! Do you think you'll get her in the saddle someday?
    And I second Sares, you have just been swamped with grandbabies lately! Maybe it's time to invest in a pony..... ??

  3. The Rosa and Rosa Jewel are beautiful!

  4. What a cute baby... and her Rosa Jewel name is most fitting. Where are her boots? One time when i was a little bug, our family was getting all dressed up to go somewhere, and i did, too. Cute little party dress, hair in curls, and my feet were adorned with my freshly cleaned up cowgirl boots. You cant imagine how it distressed me that i had to change my footwear.

  5. I think Rosa Jewel has gotten even prettier since we last saw her!

  6. Great name! It is pretty cool to have the "Rose" connection thru the generations....


We wish you Happy Trails
Jesse and his Desert Rose!