Sunday, March 22, 2009


In our desert home we have 2 guest rooms that are booked out in advance by reservation by our family members on a first come first serve basis! One of our guest rooms has a King bed, rocker and ottoman, flat screen TV, and private bath. It is very decorated very lovely and usually the 1st choice when family members book a room for their vacation.

However...there is a "NEWLY DECORATED" bedroom in town that will surely be a PONY COUSIN"S 1st choice when booking a room at " The Rosa Hacienda"!

With new plush carpet, new "Zebra" print sheets and throws...this lovely double queen bedded suite is just itching for PONY COUSINS to spoon, 2 to a a bed!

When making your reservation you must specify...window view or mirror closet view, and are sleeping with a PONY COUSIN, mirrors would not be the preferred booking!

New art work and plush pillows to set the mood!

A few small personal touches to help you feel at home in your PONY COUSIN"S desert home!

Check out the "native" pillows the Rosebud helped pick out at "cowboy Xmas"...just for the PONY COUSIN GUEST ROOM!

Guess all we need now is some "reservations"! ( Oh, and a credit card deposit!)

Your Desert Rose PONY COUSIN!!!


  1. Love the look, everything you touch turns to gold!

  2. Are you trying to get us to come visit? Who wouldn't want to stay in those bedrooms! They are beautiful!

  3. Beautiful room!!! Can me and Gilly come and visit; he can't stay in the house of course! LOL

  4. Too bad those aren't king sized sheets! They would just disappear when I left!

  5. Wonderful room...what are those hanging in the corner of the chaps and chinks? Adorable! You'll have a full house....I'm sure!

  6. Pony Girl will love the Zebra pattern

  7. I could easily be convinced to sleep in this cowgirl suite, even with my rosebud cousin who snores!!

  8. Book me a spot in the double bed room! Make sure the crickets are in the closet, I like to listen to them while I fall asleep! ;) xo

  9. You're so funny! I have no credit cards anymore. Ripped them right up. It's cash or nothing. lol!
    How 'bout I pay in Tequila? :D

    Looks like home away from home. You've decorated beautifully. Will you leave truffles on my pillow at night?


  10. Did you take a picture of it before my brothers left? :)

    The GRAND Rose


We wish you Happy Trails
Jesse and his Desert Rose!